Our wonderful MyCujoo team

shivara composite.png

Shivara is…

A football, tech, and ads lover. Match made in heaven?

I really feel I am helping shape and contribute to something that can have a major impact on the sports industry. We are still very much a scale-up, which does not come without its challenges, but if you are driven, it also offers a lot of space to bring your own ideas to life. :violin:
— Shivara ten Berge, Monetization Manager Ad Operations Amsterdam


Mats composite.png

Mats is…

An iOS developer at heart and a software engineering manager by day.

It is intense sometimes to work at MyCujoo, but it is also a beautiful experience and the people are amazing
— Mats ten Bohmer, software engineering manager amsterdam


Fab composite.png

Fab is…

A storyteller. A lover of the game. And a (bad) player of the game too.

Who could ever want my job? I have to dig interesting, funny, original stories about football all over the world. I have to tell the stories of the extraordinary players, coaches, women, kids... the extraordinary people in football. Yes, that’s really my job.
— Fabrice Deschamps, Editorial Lead Amsterdam






Our Amsterdam office is located in a marina, because we’re fancy that way. We play football on Tuesday, have free lunch and free beers on Friday. And it’s clearly the best MyCujoo office*

*the webmaster of this website may be based in Amsterdam



Our first “local office” was created in 2018 and rapidly grew to become our second main hub. They think they’re better. What is clear: they have far better weather than Amsterdam.

They also play football on Monday - and might have the better team.



Still a smaller office by MyCujoo standards, this is a growing team that will only grow faster from now on. Although they are not a big team yet, they are already fully multi-cultural.

Rumours of weekly brunches at Raffles are largely exaggerated.